Why go organic?

Deciding to go for organic cotton t-shirts was a no-brainer. Our mission is and will always be: to produce stuff that is environmentally friendly.

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So what’s the deal with cotton and why is it important to always choose organic from now on? Here at King Cockerel Co, we have listed 4 facts to help you understand.

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Staggeringly the amount of water used in the production of non-organic cotton is more than four times greater than what is need to produce the same amount of organic cotton, which is 80% rain-fed.


Organic cotton is non-GMO and uses no pesticides. This is especially important as the toxic pesticides used to produce non-organic cotton will often seep into the groundwater eventually contaminating rivers and killing local wildlife.



Not only is it softer but its skin-friendly, after all, it is cotton in its natural form and nothing else :)So you don’t have to worry about any nasty chemicals on your skin. 


Only 1% of the worldwide cotton production is organic. No need to panic, you have now found a solution and have a place to get great-looking eco-friendly t-shirts. And there are many more small businesses popping up that offer quality organic clothing.

Clothing isn’t going anywhere and there will always be a demand. Its how we meet that demand that determines the fate of our planet. 

Love kcc.

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